Why Would You Want to Work With LeaderSHIFT, Inc.?

Five Distinctions that Matter

Positive Focus

My work is based on the principle that people are naturally creative, resourceful and have unique, untapped strengths as opposed to the notion that they are broken and need to be “fixed.” The primary objective of our work together is to challenge people to identify, cultivate and capitalize on their creativity and strengths.

Great Expectations

Our work together is about growth and personal development; I set the bar high and expect clients to do so as well. Individuals and organizations should expect to undergo transformational experiences.

High Level of Engagement

A wide variety of engaging educational processes, all designed to maximize learning and development, are employed. These include stimulating teaching, experiential exercises, small group dialogue, personal assessments and case studies.

Make it Matter ~ Make it Stick

People remember things that are attached to an experience or that are personally meaningful. Those facts require training and coaching to be experiential and positioned in a way that matters to the learners. I work with people and organizations to identify the desired behaviors and results and then use learner-focused, performance-based methods to generate that performance.

Impact on Business Results

Working with LeaderSHIFT, Inc. is not just another “old school” training program where people show up, sit down, endure the process, check it off as an event and then go back to work doing what they’ve always done. Instead, together we identify your most important business and leadership challenges and focus directly on developing the skills, behaviors and strategic approaches that will have the most immediate and significant impact on your business results. Learning is linked to strategic business objectives because solutions in alignment with business strategies are the only ones that work.